Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you're someone who loves to cook or only cooks because they have to, a poorly laid out kitchen can get irritating when you're trying to prepare a meal for you and your family. If you're lacking the counterspace to prep, lacking the storage to keep organized or are just unhappy with how your kitchen looks; K&E Construction can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

A kitchen remodel requires lots of coordination of plumbers, electricians, cabinet designers, counter top installers, tile installers, HVAC technicians and appliance installers. The last thing you want when your kitchen is torn up is a hangup in the project because it wasn't scheduled properly. K&E Construction will handle all the behind the scenes work for you-scheduling, gathering materials and permitting so that all you need to worry about is choosing how you want it to look.

"K&E Construction did an outstanding job on our house remodel. The team they used we excellent. All were very easy to work with, extremely professional, and very flexible. Shane and Co helped us through the project with ideas and recommendations. I initially thought his prices were a little high, but after seeing the quality and timeliness of work I realize I got a great deal. As a USAF military family retiring from overseas it was a huge relief to find a trustworthy and reliable company right off the bat. I will be using K&E again for a list of additional projects. K&E Thanks for the great work."
                                                          --Abe Friedman
Contemporary style kitchen

K&E Construction has been in business since 2010, and our general contractor, Shane Longie, has a lifetime of experience prior to starting his own company. His knowledge will assist in making sure that your kitchen is laid out to your unique needs.

Not enough counter space?

We can add an island or look at other ways to change up the layout of your kitchen to give you more usable counter space.

Dining room too far separated from kitchen? Not separated enough?

If your family is ultra-casual, we can help by integrating your kitchen table and your island together. If you're looking for the spaces to be spread out, we can help by creating a formal dining.

Tired of having beer or wine taking up room in your fridge?

We can add in a beer or wine cooler so your drinks are still cold and accessible, but out of the way of your day to day.

Want a kitchen to better fit your personal style?

If you like the layout of your kitchen, but not the look; we can certainly help you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

No matter what your kitchen remodeling goals may be, K&E Construction can turn them into a reality.