Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom that doesn't fully function the way that your family needs it to can be a major inconvenience. Trying to get ready in a bathroom that is too small, unorganized or dark/dimly lit is no way to start your day. There are lots of solutions that K&E Construction can help you with to create a bathroom remodel that better organized, utilizes your existing space in a more efficient way or even adds space. Maybe you just don't like the look of your current bathroom and would like to refresh it to your style; we can help with that too. Whatever your project goals are, we can find an inventive solution to bring your ideas to reality.

We understand that a bathroom remodel is a daunting task to take on as a homeowner and there is lots to coordinate and lots to think about. One advantage of hiring a general contractor for any remodel project is that we take all that on for you. You coordinate with us and we work behind the scenes to make your vision happen by coordinating all subcontractors, acquiring materials and getting any necessary permits. Our company and all of the subcontractors we work with are fully licensed and fully insured, so you can rest assured your project will be completed safely and professionally.

"We recently upgraded several features of our home on Thames Drive to include: totally new master bathroom, new upstairs guest bathroom, updated downstairs bathroom and added a 4th bedroom. We trusted this in-depth project to K&E Construction and they did a masterful job. Hiring Shane at K&E made the difference. We had diligently received bids from (4) contractors and decided on Shane. If you're looking at a major or minor home update-- choose K&E Construction. You'll be glad you did."
                                                           --Michael and Becky Tinnon

Over the years that K&E has been in business, we have helped lots of families in Colorado Springs create their dream bathroom. We have lots of inventive solutions to any problem that you may have:

Does your dog only drink water from a running faucet?

We can add a secondary, lower faucet in your shower to leave on for your pup.

Cluttered vanity?

We can add baskets to the inside of your cabinet doors and extra shelves to help you keep organized.

Is your bathroom small and feels cramped?

Adding some additional lighting and switching out your shower curtain for a glass shower door will help to make it feel more open and brighter.

Spending lots of money on your utility bills?

We can help you switch to more energy efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures to help save you some money.

No matter the size or intensity of your bathroom remodel, we are the best company to bring your ideas to life.